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Where Winchester Meets Sullivan

Winchullivan, A Chloe Sullivan(SV)/Winchester(SPN)
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Winchullivan Community

Welcome to Winchullivan! If you haven't figured it out by now, this is a crossover community for fans of Smallville's ace reporter Chloe Sullivan and Supernatural's ghosbusting Winchester brothers. Here we can explore the what if's of an alternate universe where Chloe, Dean and Sam actually cross paths. The trio are pretty hot on their own! They'd be downright combustible together.

We're looking for fan videos, fan fictions, fan arts, anything exploring any and all of these pairings(Sam/Chloe, Dean/Chloe, Dean/Chloe/Sam)! Knock our socks off with TEH HOT, boys and girls! We know you can!

Please just remember this community is for those that appreciate or would like to see any/all of this pairing, so no bashing!

If you'd like to affiliate please contact one of the mods of the community or reply to this post!


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