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So I made this because I felt nostalgic but is so simple! I kinda still like it tho. so the story behind this is like, Chole somehow (magic) finds Dean's phone on a forum maybe and wants to know about things so they start talking and well they actually never meet face to face but are "there" for each other

and then because I'm a sad person I started to think about all the times Dean died or the time Chloe died and they just lost connection.
BUT one day in another universe where they are just normal people they meet at starbucks or something and then they start crossing in classes or something THE END.

"Chloelism Is Contagious" - Final Chapter! (SCHLEAN)

Title of Chapter: Epilogue
Author: Evangeline Sibeliah (avatar also butchered by me)
Fandom/ Pairing: Supernatural/Smallville, SCHLEAN (threesome sex - NO, threesome relationship - YES)
Rating: M
Word Count: 173 000
Warning: lots of sex and some adult concepts
Dedicated to: shadowglove88
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So, if you liked Special Projects, I have news . . .

Several years ago I wrote an epic series that I called Special Projects. I think a lot of fans of the series are still around, so I thought I would share some news that you might find interesting . . . . I'm going to develop it into an original series of ebooks.

For details, go check out my pen37 blog, which you can still find, here.
anti-possetion tattoo chloe

three fanarts

Hi! yes what am I on fire? no it's because I'm trying to do this thing more (god please don't let winchullivan dry up) and because of reasons mainly 'cuase I'm bored BUT let's stop here and to the goods

hellbound white chlean

it wouldn't be one of my things without heartache now would it? (you guys should thank me for not posting fics anymore also please never look at my past writer ways)

graveyard hell chlean

I like the idea of Chloe really going darkside and hunting the winchesters with her devious machinations

chlean grungen

I know what you guys are thinking 'this is WINCHullivan where is Sam the other handsome fella?' well I fell out of love for him I think and since I don't watch SPN anymore I'm like eh.

why yes she has don't look at it also because I see the same (only good pic of her) always and like I'm not gonna put her face in some other body do you guys know how much time that costs? forget it so I changed the pic bit
no he doesn't! maybe?

 I apologize for the text on every fan art I make (I'm supposed to be creative! but I'm supposed to be a lot of things and I'm not? lol)
anti-possetion tattoo chloe

chlean manips

HI! so it seems they fixed the issue from last time and I'm able to post normally again YAY!
so I'm bored and when bored the call of photoshop is heard by these parts (also the lack of internet helps) aanywaay I only made one manip but with variations enjoy! (I tried to make a different thing from my usual so I don't know don't kill me I guess?)

fuera foco schlean dark
fuera foco schlean light

if you guys really pay attention you can see how the cars are exactly the same in both sides HAHAHHA yeah and let's not forego the part of the rooftop I'm learning to make better things OKAY?!

30 days of Chlean challenge if somebody else wants to do it too. :)

1. The fanwork that made you ship them, and if it's a story and you still can remember it, which moment of that story.
2. Why do you ship them
3. A song that reminds you of them
4. Favorite hug (written and/or manipped)
5. Favorite kiss (written and/or manipped)
6. A scene between them that broke/would break your heart
7. Funniest moment (written and/or manipped)
8. Favorite one-shot
9. Favorite manip
10. A moment/storyline between them that you hate or a fanwork pet peeve
11. A moment/storyline between them that hasn't been written yet but you wish it did
12. Favorite parallele
13. Favorite starting point for the crossover
14. An under-appreciated scenario between them that you love
15. A hot moment (written and/or manipped)
16. Favorite multi-chapter story
17. Favorite “Dean saves Chloe” story/fanvid edit/fanart
18. Favorite “Chloe saves Dean” story/fanvid edit/fanart
19. Favorite outdoor scene (from any fanwork)
20. Favorite Chlean quote
21. An intense moment between them (from any fanwork)
22. Favorite moment between them were one/both of them weren’t themselves (in a story)
23. Favorite handhold (from any fanwork)
24. A Jensen and Allison story/picture/quote
25. Favorite headcanon shipper (i.e. Sam, Lois...)
26. Favorite Chlean fight (from a story or fanvid)
27. Favorite fan video
28. Favorite fan/shipper quote on Chlean
29. Your thoughts on how they would be in the long run.
30. The one-shot/drabble that most represents them to you

Fanfic: Life Lessons by Dean Winchester - How to fix his baby (Chloe/Dean + Sam one -shot)

Title: Life Lessons by Dean Winchester - How to fix a car his baby
Author: chleansmile
Pairing: Chloe/Dean
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Genre: General, fluff
Rating: I guess, PG-13
Warnings: None, really.
Timeline: None, can be set at any time, depending on the crossovers.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to some peeps at the CW & DC comics I guess.
Summary: After an incident Dean insists on teaching Chloe how to fix the impala.
Feedback: Yes, always.
Author's note: I finally did it lynzie914, I finished it! This is the one I had almost finished ages ago, back when you first gave me this story suggestion, but for some reason I couldn't be bothered to put the finishing touches to it until now. Anyway I hope you like what I came up with for your prompt. :)


Chloe glared at the motor of the impala in front of her and sighed frustrated. She would take the inner workings of a computer over this any day of the week. She could take her babies apart and fix them just fine without a problem. Cars however were a different matter. Which was the whole point of this little exercise Dean had insisted on she supposed.

If it had been anybody else who told her she had to learn how to fix a car she would have flat out refused.

To continue reading click HERE


"Chloelism Is Contagious" - Chapter 49 (SCHLEAN)

Title of Chapter: The Elysian Fields
Author: Evangeline Sibeliah (avatar also butchered by me)
Fandom/ Pairing: Supernatural/Smallville, SCHLEAN (threesome sex - NO, threesome relationship - YES)
Rating: M
Word Count: 169 000 and counting
Warning: lots of sex and some adult concepts
Dedicated to: shadowglove88